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We can help you to become baby-ready

Working With Us

Working with us is a unique, potentially life-changing experience. We can support every level of your being, helping your entire system to relax, heal, rebalance and restore itself to its natural state. We do this with a unique combination of powerful and effective therapeutic modalities to optimise your body, energy, heart and mind in preparation for conception, either natural or assisted.

We are based in Grantham, so can help individuals and couples in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and the surrounding areas. And if you aren’t based in the East Midlands, that’s OK, because we can provide most of our services remotely to anyone in the UKFertility Reflexology can only be conducted in person, in Grantham. Energy Healing can be conducted in person or remotely, via a video call. Fertility Counselling and Rapid Fertility Therapy are usually conducted via a video call (Zoom or WhatsApp), but can also be in person.

Lee and Victoria

More Than Just Fertility Coaching

Fertility coaches typically charge over £1000 just to give you basic advice and encouragement for a few months. The information they charge you for, we provide for free! And if you decide to work with us directly, you’ll get a lot more than just encouragement. We believe we offer the most comprehensive collection of holistic fertility therapies available anywhere in the world. Our complementary range of fertility therapies help to balance, heal and prepare your body, heart and mind for conception.

You may have noticed how vague fertility coaches are about what you actually get for your money, and many insist you pay extra for expensive private tests. We believe in total transparency, so we tell you exactly what you’ll get for your money. We also provide detailed information about each therapeutic approach we use, and how they can help you on your personal fertility journey. If you want extra tests, we can point you in the right direction, but we don’t insist on anything – the choice is always yours.

Fertility Coaching

A Different Approach to Infertility

Medical fertility treatments try to force your body to get pregnant, whether it’s ready too or not, which is why they often fail. They inadvertently put more stress on your system at a time when supporting it, balancing it and healing it holistically would be the healthier option.

Doctors usually only focus on treating the symptoms of infertility, and rarely give much consideration to what caused the issue in the first place. In contrast, the holistic approach takes every aspect of your being and lifestyle into consideration, and treats your whole being, not just your presenting symptom. Our comprehensive holistic approach helps to restore balance to every aspect of your being, enabling your bodily systems to settle down and function more effectively.

Reproduction isn’t vital for your immediate survival, so your reproductive system may be the first to shut down when something else is out of balance. You are a complex multi-faceted being (body, energy, heart and mind), so a comprehensive multi-faceted approach can be very effective. By helping your system to return to its natural, balanced state, it can get on with the task of doing what it was designed to do, naturally.

Different Approach to Infertility

The Medical Approach

Your body won’t get pregnant naturally, and we don’t really know why, so we’ll try to force it to get pregnant (whether it’s ready or not) with our crude medications and invasive procedures.

Doctors will examine your body and check your hormones (at one random moment in time), and expect that to tell them everything they need to know about your fertility. But they have only tested a few physical parameters, and haven’t given any consideration to the other aspects of your being, such as stress, trauma, repressed emotions or limiting beliefs. With such limited information, they often have little to no idea about the true underlying causes of your infertility, so they just focus on treating the symptoms with drugs and invasive procedures.

Medical Approach to Fertility

The Holistic Approach

Your body naturally knows how to get pregnant and will do so when the conditions are right. It just needs some help to rebalance itself first, and this can be achieved by healing the underlying causes (physical, energetic, emotional and mental).

The medical approach and the holistic approach aren’t mutually exclusive, but can work together beautifully. The medical approach works on the presenting issue, while the holistic approach works on the underlying causes, and supports you through the mental and emotional and challenges associated with infertility and medical interventions. This can be a highly effective combination for some couples.

Medically assisted fertility treatments aren’t the only options, despite what your doctor may tell you. Fertility Therapies can help you, whatever your circumstances:

  • A natural alternative to the medical route: Instead of undergoing an expensive and arduous medical treatment like IVF, you might prefer a gentler, more supportive, holistic, healing approach. Fertility Therapies can help you to heal and rebalance your body through fertility reflexology and energy healing.
  • Preparation before the medical route: Fertility treatments like IVF are very expensive and aren’t always successful. So, you may want to increase your chances of success with some holistic therapy to prepare your entire system before undergoing an expensive IVF treatment.
  • Support during the medical route: You may have already started an IVF treatment program, and are finding it more challenging than you expected. If so, we can help to support and restore/maintain balance physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally.

The Underlying Causes of Infertility

The following factors can contribute to fertility issues: inflammation, a build-up of toxins, a nutrient deficiency, a gut microbiome imbalance, an energetic blockage, an emotional issue or trauma, a negative mindset, and being highly stressed or anxious. It’s unlikely that any one of these alone would prevent someone from getting pregnant, cumulatively they can and do. With so many possible contributing factors, fertility issues generally benefit from a multi-faceted or holistic approach to healing, rebalancing and restoring your system on every level:

  • Physical Healing: Detox the body by avoiding man-made chemicals. Nourish the body with healthy natural foods and high-quality supplements. Stabilise and stimulate the reproductive system with fertility reflexology.
  • Energetic Healing: Energy healing can help to regulate your hormones, monthly cycle and ovulation, and help to relieve common fertility issues, such as PCOS, endometriosis and poor sperm quality. Simple breathing exercises can either stimulate or calm your body’s energy.
  • Emotional Healing: Fertility issues can be emotionally challenging, but we can support you via our free Facebook group or 1 to 1 counselling sessions. Fertility counselling can also help you to heal any emotional wounds or traumas that may actually be causing or contributing to your fertility issues.
  • Mental Healing: We can support you with FREE guided meditations and powerful breathing exercises. We also offer Rapid Fertility Therapy, which can reduce your tendency to become stressed and depressed, and instil a more positive outlook.

You may have already tried some of the above to prepare the “fertile ground” of your body, with lifestyle changes, detoxing, eating healthier and taking the right supplements. If you have been doing the above for 3 months or more, without success, it might be time to consider working with us 1 to 1? Because we can help you to address the deeper factors that are probably at play on the energetic, emotional and mental levels.

Unexplained Infertility

Unexplained infertility is only “unexplained” because conventional medicine doesn’t look beyond the physical body. This is where the holistic approach really comes into its own because it takes your entire system into account and helps you to balance it all. And a balanced and harmonious system is more likely to conceive – either naturally or with medical support.

You may also want to consider the new life that you’ll be bringing into the world… Wouldn’t it be great for their conception and gestation to be as balanced and harmonious as possible, to give them the best start in life? Also, any psychological healing work that you do now. will benefit you and your family forever. So, please talk to your partner about working with us, because we’d love to help you realise your dream.

Doing everything on your own is possible, but it isn’t easy. We have done a lot of the hard work for you in collecting lots of useful information and presenting it clearly and concisely, and free of charge (unlike most fertility coaches).

Unexplained Infertility

Fertility Therapy Programs & Packages

We offer a selection of different programs and packages, which are outlined below. If you are interested in working with us, a detailed application form must be completed by both partners, because we need to understand your entire fertility situation before we can decide if and how we can help you. Please click one of the "Apply To Work With Us" buttons and complete our Application Form, then please ask your partner to do the same. We will contact you, usually within 1 working day, to agree the next steps and answer any questions you may have.

During your first session, we will spend some time going through the information on your application form. We may also give you some suggestions on how you can improve your improve your fertility through nutrition, supplements, toxin reduction and lifestyle changes. This discussion can be as brief or detailied as you like, but please ensure you have read our Free Resources section beforehand, and make a note of any questions you want to ask.

In-Person Fertility Therapies (near Grantham) 

Fertility Therapy Leicestershire

Complete Fertility Program

This monthly subscription includes:

2 x 30 minute double sessions with Victoria & Lee, combining Fertility Reflexology and Energy Healing.

2 x 60 minute private Fertility Counselling sessions with Lee.

One of your counselling sessions can be Rapid Fertility Therapy to reduce negativity and increase positivity.

Fertility Energy Healing

Double Healing Package

This stand-alone package includes:

6 x 30 minute double sessions with Victoria & Lee, combining Fertility Reflexology and Energy Healing.

This powerful healing package is perfect if you don't need the psychological support that our subscription programs offer.

The sessions may be used weekly or fortnightly.

Online Fertility Therapies (via Zoom or WhatsApp)

Fertility Therapies Online

Online Fertility Program

This monthly subscription includes:

2 x 30 minute private Energy Healing sessions with Lee on Zoom or WhatsApp.

2 x 60 minute private Fertility Counselling sessions with Lee on Zoom or WhatsApp.

One of your counselling sessions can be Rapid Fertility Therapy to reduce negativity and increase positivity.

Fertility Therapies Online Package

Online Flexible Package

This stand-alone package includes:

6 hours of private sessions with Lee on Zoom or WhatsApp for Energy Healing, Fertility Counselling or both.

12 x 30 minute sessions or 6 x 60 minute sessions (or a combination of the two). The sessions may be weekly or fortnightly.

One 60 minute session can be used for Rapid Fertility Therapy to reduce negativity and increase positivity.

Note: Fertility Counselling sessions are usually one to one, but if your relationship has become strained by your fertility issues, you may want one or two of your sessions to be used for couples counselling. This can help to promote communication, understanding, cooperation and support between you both during this challenging time.

Important: We primarily work during office hours only (8am to 6pm, weekdays), so you may need to take some time off work for your sessions. We have limited evening availability (6pm to 9pm) for online sessions. Weekend sessions are occasionally available but cost £20 extra each. Please read the Policies section of our Terms & Conditions page carefully to understand our policies on Applying to Work with Us, Payments & Subscriptions, Scheduling Sessions, Rescheduling, Late Arrivals, No-Shows, and Cancellations & Refunds.

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